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Conservative Judicial Watch
22nd-Mar-2008 08:32 pm - District of Columbia vs. Heller
For those interested, here's an mp3 recording of the oral arguments presented. It's an 1:37 long so set aside some time if you're gonna listen.

Is anyone interested in running this community? My interest in things political has waned in recent months, plus there's a competing community now. If someone has a vision of a thriving community here, I'll be happy to let them run with it. Otherwise, I think it's time I let this community go.
28th-Feb-2006 09:36 pm(no subject)
scotus love.
I've started a new community, scotus_news.

Intended for Supreme Court news and only news - no rants, discussion limited to comments.

If you're interested, please join and post.

Published: February 21, 2006

The Supreme Court announced today that it will hear a challenge to a federal law outlawing a late-term abortion procedure, reopening the contentious issue on Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr.'s first day on the bench.

The law, the Partial Birth Abortion Act, was passed in 2003 but was immediately challenged in court and has never taken effect. It was ruled unconstitutional by three federal appeals courts in the last year, in rulings based on a Supreme Court decision in 2000 striking down a similar law passed in Nebraska.

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Votes to stop Missouri from executing killer contesting lethal injection

Associated Press
Updated: 9:44 p.m. ET Feb. 1, 2006

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The Associated Press
Gina Holland
January 26, 2006

Hours after staying the execution of an inmate who was already strapped to a gurney, the Supreme Court said Wednesday it would hear arguments from the man who claims the drug cocktail used in lethal injections can cause excruciating pain.

Lethal injections are used in most states that have capital punishment, and there's been a growing dispute over the way they are carried out.

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Could the next attack on the death penalty be outlawing every form of it?
Good news for Baby-Killing Crack Whores!!

30 Nov 05
By Joe Kovacs

The Supreme Court of Hawaii has ruled that unborn children are not "human beings," and therefore women cannot be prosecuted for causing the death of babies by harmful behavior during their pregancies.

The unanimous decision overturns the manslaughter conviction of 32-year-old Tayshea Aiwohi, who was found guilty in connection with the death of her newborn son by smoking crystal methamphetamine shortly before his birth.

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x-posted to christian_right
BERKELEY, Calif. - A California couple has sued the operators of a University of California-Berkeley Web site designed to help teachers teach evolution, claiming it improperly strays into religion.

Leanne and Larry Caldwell of Granite Bay say portions of the Understanding Evolution Web site amount to a government endorsement of certain religious groups over others because the site is partly funded through a public money grant from the National Science Foundation.

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x-posted to christian_right
By HOLLY RAMER, Associated Press Writer Sat Nov 26, 4:47 PM ET

To some, a never-enforced New Hampshire law requiring parental notification before a minor has an abortion is a backward step for women's rights. To others, it protects parents' right to know if their child is having an abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider those arguments Wednesday as it begins to weigh whether to reinstate a law that requires parental notification 48 hours before an abortion can be performed on a minor.

The 2003 law was struck down, days before it was to take effect, for failing to provide an exception to protect a minor's health. Under the law, parents or guardians must be notified either in person or by certified mail.

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19th-Nov-2005 06:50 am - Recent Supreme Court Decisions
Schaffer v. Weast
U.S. Sup. Ct. November 14, 2005

The Supreme Court held, in a 6-2 decision, that the burden of persuasion in an administrative hearing challenging an individualized education program under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is properly placed on the party seeking relief. The Court affirmed the 4th Circuit's judgment that there was no reason to depart from the general rule of allocating the burden to the party seeking relief.
:: cheers ::

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